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Privacy Policy

Prospect Discovery ensures maximum privacy for its clients and business associates and is committed to maintaining the pledge consistently. In this section, know more about how Prospect Discovery gathers information and the company’s dedication towards privacy. Also, you can find information about copyright laws and comparable data-driven legislation.

As a dynamic marketing services provider, we are always committed to improvising business strategies by engaging with more number of customers across the globe. For this purpose, we are exclusively collecting and storing the data including company details, contact details, financial data, social status and other personally identifiable information. By accommodating accurate databases, we are enabling our clients to reach their prospects easily.

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How we collect the data?

Although there are many ways to obtain the customer’s data, we use them in effective manner to get sustained results.

We gather data whenever consumers visit our website, and engage in actions such as establishing an account, downloading material, registering for a webinar, signing up for a newsletter or email, we may request information that we may use in accordance with this Privacy Policy. Kindly note that the entire data collected by us are permission-based.

Through social media and public databases, we collect data of the customers to create new dimensions in the marketing services.

In addition, we use available “business to business” data to gather customer information through number of sources such as tradeshows, publications, subscriptions and surveys.

Furthermore, we collate data from Email headers, Email signatures and other contact cards that are shared during international conferences and seminars.

What type of Information we collect?

To enable any business deals, there will be a basic requirement of personal information referring to the identity of an individual. In the same manner at Prospect Discovery, as a data-driven services organization to extend our services, we might require your personal information like:



Company name

Postal address

Email address

Contact information

Work location

Whenever you start using our services including newsletter sign up and subscriptions, we gather the content and information provided by you. We may share this information among our business verticals and we will use it strictly for business expansions following Privacy Policy.

Related to company information, we collect data that is available on the internet such as

Vendor relations

White papers

Stock data


Organizational Changes


API providers

Along with this information, we also gather search engine optimization data, web traffic density, web analytics data and the web technology used.

How We Use Your Information
We use your information collected via our website for:

Finding prospective clients or subscribers interested in our services.

Providing you with the required services that you have registered for or subscribed to.

Dealing with your enquiries, queries and requests.

Providing you with information about our new products and services.

How do we work with third-parties?

At Prospect Discovery, we may share personal information and data fragments with our business partners and service providers who assist us with the requests provided by our customers. Sometimes, our website may include links to other third party websites. The information presented on our third-party websites is governed by their own Privacy Policy. To get a brief overview of our partners, we recommend you to review such third-party Privacy Policy.

We secure your data in a holistic manner

At Prospect Discovery, we are always committed to provide higher traceability to your data and take necessary steps to ensure the safer transmission of your data across all marketing levels. For this purpose, we specifically use secure infrastructure resources created by firewalls and encryptions to monitor your data. Moreover, all your data are securely stored on the cloud to ensure maximum privacy against any illegal actions whatsoever.

How we are related to cookies?

Cookies are tiny document files integrated into websites to capture information about users and their systems. To enhance our marketing services, sometimes we work with third-party agents for retargeting audiences in the form of tailoring ads or placing browser cookies. These agents may place their own cookies with a distinctive expiry time period. Sometimes, we may place cookies to know about customers’ behaviour patterns while responding to different marketing campaigns. Kindly note that this whole process is completely holistic and organic.

Policy Amendments

On timely-basis, we may alter our Privacy Policy and terms and conditions. We will always post the updated version of our Privacy Policy with modifications on this page. Hence, we always advise our clients and associates to review our website at regular intervals, to understand the changes that are incorporated in our revised Privacy Policy.


We undertake to adhere to the government’s legislation. In some cases, it may require public bodies to share data by law, legal process, litigation, or request which will be ultimately revealed.

Any violation of Prospect Discovery terms and condition may lead to a severe investigation enforced by law and order.

If you have doubts regarding the use of our services, please contact us

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