How to optimize customer quality with Email Lead Scoring

Are you a B2B marketer looking for a powerful tool to improve email click through rate? As a marketing professional have you encountered slow conversion in an email campaign? If yes, then you must consider email lead scoring as a best way to measure improves ROI.

Email lead scoring is one of the best ways to identify & rank your subscribers based on information collected about them. Here comes the billion dollar question how you do email lead scoring? This blog is all about strategizing best ways to score a lead with effective marketing tool & improve conversion.

Setting up an email lead scoring system:

Email lead scoring is one of the modern ways to improve click rates & conversions. All this requires initial research & setting up scoring system which works fine for all campaigns.

An email lead scoring system can be simple or complex based on the defined arbitrary numbers. Explore all kinds tool well suited for your business & experience better email conversion rate. Here are few examples of a simple email lead scoring system.

  • Customer read or takes action on your email- 2 points.
  • If a customer pays a multiple visit to your email- 4 points
  • Interacts with chat bots & request for some clarification -5 points

This entire set up can have automated email trigger when someone reaches a certain lead score. For instance, if a person scores 40 points, then you can send an email when they hit 35 points to shop for discounts with coupon code. Similarly, there are many ways to improve your lead scoring conversion rate.

Why email lead scoring is important:

Email lead scoring models ensure certain values are assigned to each lead, which reflects the actual compatibility they get with the products. This model will definitely create a strong support for a particular attribute of customers. Here are a few tips how to use lead scoring with email marketing.

  • Build & define lead scoring as a foundational strategy
  • Identify leads & their stages with respect to targeted accounts
  • Build strong lead scoring campaign
  • Have a clear segment of your list for better lead scoring

Plan & have foundational strategy for defining lead scoring:

Discuss with your team & do ground work for defining what a successful lead scoring means for your company. Lead scoring is all about qualifying prospects based on specific demographics, firmographics, company size, Job title, revenue & more.

Once prospects are qualified, email marketing automation comes in to provide complete insights which need to score leads based on certain factors such as email open rate, click through, downloads, shares, engagement rate.

Create targeted account based on lead stages:

Having relevant content at each stage of the marketing funnel improves prospect engagement ratio. With well refined email nurturing strategy you can dig deeper about prospects details. Make sure quality content & awareness is created at each stage of the marketing funnel. Make sure adequate messaging is done at each stage of the decision making process, as it is crucial for any sales cycle. Here content delivered at each stage must be designed in a way to encourage your audience to know more about your brand & the smart solution you offer. The advent of email marketing automation software helps to nurture email campaign & data insights in an effective way.

Build your lead scoring campaign:

Value your leads based your nurturing campaigns & score given to each of them based on their behaviour. These behaviours are generally response provided to email id based on lead nurturing campaign. Set up scoring for leads & improve the scoring mechanism which can yield high quality prospects that can be categorized as sales ready.

Location based email campaign is one of the effective methods, highly recommended for targeting prospects to promote your products without any barriers. Similarly scoring by industry is one of the most lucrative industries that must be focused on priority. With email lead scoring campaign list out mix of activities that is well received among your subscribers. Use this data to fine tune your content marketing strategy. Through this well-established sales cycle & lead scoring system, make use of relevant content to nurture your segmented audience.

Best practices of email lead scoring system:

  • Use collected data & putting it into proper practice can maximize conversion rates.
  • Have a proprietary scoring system which will provide key attributes about your email & behaviour about the prospects you’re trying to drive with them.
  • Make use of list segmentation to drill down your audience based on the score calculated for your targeted audience.
  • If you’re newbie to digital marketing or need expert opinion, then working with an agency which knows about lead scoring will help in building brand visibility.

Campaign ROI can be improved tremendously with a comprehensive email marketing system which works best for any kind of company.


Know your audience or you’ll have no audience. Better understating of audience than anyone can help in help in building your scoring system. And we must agree nothing happens overnight. The Same amount of patience is required as the efforts made in building your scoring system.  With effective email practices improve the value of your scoring system & drive successful B2B campaign.