Leverage Buyer Personas to Boost email conversions

With the growing trends in digital marketing, buyer persona is one of the critical factors for any business. Well, do you know who your business’s buyer personas are? If you answer yes, then take a deep breath & think how much you know about them. Buyer personas personally matters to your business & expand your market reach.

In this blog, let’s dive deeper to understand why understanding buyer persona is important.

What is a buyer persona?

Research based profile that depicts target customers. Based on data & research buyer personas is a semi fictional representation of ideal customers. They help you focus your valuable time on prospects who can be your potential customer. Through this process, you can attract high value visitors, leads & customer who can more likely to do business with you.

From content creation, product development, sales follow up & more anything that completely relates to customer acquisition & retention everything is played critical role in deep understanding of buyer persona.

In simple, buyer persona helps you to understand your customer much better. This makes it easier for any B2B marketers to tailor your content & improve your customer retention rate.

With the growing market, we understand every customer is unique & need to understand them accurately to shoot out the right email campaign. As a marketer, B2B marketer must send personalized emails to customers to improve their increased conversion.

Creating buyer persona:

Research, surveys, interviews & more can help any organization in creating a strong buyer persona. It is a proper of mix of customers, prospects & contacts outside your contact database that are completely aligned with your target audience.

  • Research & get to know about trends, how certain leads or customers consume your content.
  • Make use of form fields to capture mandatory or important information about customers
  • Conduct interview & surveys to about prospects interested in your product or services

When you have a large set of complex data about your potential customers, analyze & find the most connecting patterns or commonalities.

Listing for developing right buyer personas:

  • From the above read hope everyone must have an idea developing buyer persona is not an easy task. It is a step by step process to develop the right one.
  • Get the right people involved from your sales, marketing professionals in defining the personas
  • Have a good balance between fictional & researched data as the credibility of the profile is improved.
  • Having actual description of the person becomes easier to understand the likes & dislikes about prospects & pitch accordingly.

Buyers Persona in Email marketing:

Email marketing is & will always remain as a right mode of communication with customers. Almost 98% of the B2B marketers are well known to have implemented right email marketing campaigns by understanding their prospects. As a marketer everyone understands the importance of revenue generated from email marketing than other modes of marketing platforms. Hence make use of contact data separated based on several factors such as demographics, firmographics & more about prospects & existing customers.

Go for the hyper charge approach:

Use persona to capture your prospects attention by the sending right message to right person rather than creating generic blogs or landing pages content.

Simplify your automation task:

Improvising process must be the ultimate aim of any business process. Rather than setting up random fields, do research, take time & segment persons for quick result & approachable.

Pin point your target audience:

With collected details show all your creativity & reach maximum potential in sending personalized messages to prospects or existing customers in a hassle free manner.

Benefits of user persona in marketing automation:

  • Combining the efforts of marketing automation & user persona can be best paired for rolling out successful marketing campaign. This will help you in leveraging your automation process to yield good results. This gives a crystal clear idea of how to communicate with your prospects.
  • Developing user persona gives you confidence in creating & distributing right content to improve conversion rate.
  • Targeting market of all sizes in an effective manner
  • Fun tuning of key market segmentation process
  • Improved email open rate
  • Increases sales conversion
  • Better understanding of ideal customers

Wrapping up:

Buyer persona is a critical requirement for planning the right strategy to attract & convert prospects to with improved conversion rate & revenue. We’re living in the internet era, which needs more of a human side marketing & connecting with people of all industry groups based on common factors. It is time to craft your own persona & deliver data driven content that boost your conversion.